We dry clean everything from curtains and wedding dresses to clothing such as suits, shirts, ties skirts and more. We clean all types of material such as silk, polyester, cotton, and rayon; and even leather, fur, and other animal skins. We also do selective stain removal for stubborn stains.

Professional dry cleaning involves many different operations, all performed and designed to give your garments a fresh, clean appearance. Over the years we have gained expertise to properly identify, clean and/or finish all garments, and to exercise a number of special procedures when handling your items.


We check for tears, wearing, loose or missing buttons and mark for existing stains for pre spotting. Each garment is computer tagged for identification, logged in our exclusive computer software program and designated for whatever you want done and whatever the wear label requires.


There are hundreds of different fabrics in the world today. Each has its own chemical makeup, and what spotting agent is used is critical.  Again due to our vast experience over the years as a family business we fully understand which of the products to use on the garment and what degree of steam and vacuum is required.


We spend a lot of time on finishing garments with attention to details. Remember, our job is not to just clean your clothes, our real job is to make you look and feel good. Seams and collars are perfectly pressed and all required creases are done properly. Wrinkles are eliminated. All garments are hand-finished to a very high standard.


This is the final step. Once it gets here, our inspector does the final inspection and makes sure everything is as perfect as we can make it. Those tiny visual strings are removed and the article is packed in a hygienic poly envelope.


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